An experienced, trial-ready firm.

markPhotoOur firm represents individuals and small businesses in litigation. We handle a broad range of complex cases including: stockbroker claims/FINRA arbitrations, securities litigation, shareholder litigation, employment disputes/covenants not to compete, business litigation, prisoner death claims, civil rights litigation, wrongful death claims, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, products liability, white-collar criminal defense, SEC defense, military law, defamation and civil appeals. Other lawyers oftentimes remark about the breadth of our practice and the meticulous, detail-oriented nature of our work. Our firm is able to handle a far broader array of complex cases than most lawyers for three reasons. First, I am fortunate to have a very broad legal background. I have held many roles and I constantly draw upon the diverse nature of my legal background. (For example, cross-examination skills that I honed in criminal cases are the same skills that I use in cross-examining stockbrokers in FINRA arbitration hearings as both forums do not permit depositions to be taken in advance of the trial. In that setting, an effective cross-examiner must be able to anticipate responses and to think on the fly.) I have served as a U.S. Marine Judge Advocate (prosecutor and then defense counsel), SEC enforcement attorney, federal prosecutor (Special Assistant U.S. Attorney), big firm attorney, outside counsel to a large brokerage firm, and adjunct law professor. I have successfully handled, among other diverse cases, officer/director claims, drownings, stockbroker fraud, medical malpractice, shareholder derivative claims, class actions, and an FDIC investigation. Second, I take fewer cases than most lawyers do. I strive to do a few cases very well. Third, I work very hard.

Our firm is trial ready. We want to represent those who really need the services of a hard-working and experienced lawyer, including, by way of example, a couple who have seen their retirement funds dissipated by their broker’s purchase of unsuitable securities, a CFO mired in an SEC investigation, a former employee impeded from making a living because of an overly broad non-compete agreement, a lance corporal facing false charges, or the family of an inmate who died because he failed to receive adequate medical care.

We do not charge for an initial consultation, and excepting criminal cases, we oftentimes will handle cases on a contingency fee or blended-fee basis (part hourly fee, part contingency fee). Please call or email us. Let’s sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss your legal matter.


Our Practice Areas

Financial and business litigation

Stockbroker claims/FINRA arbitration
Securities litigation
Shareholder litigation
Employment disputes/covenants not to compete
Business litigation

Civil rights

Prisoner death claims
Civil rights litigation

Personal injury

Wrongful death claims/serious personal injury
Nursing home litigation
Medical malpractice
Products liability

Criminal law and investigations

White-collar criminal defense
SEC, FDIC, and SCC defense
Military law