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Claims Against Stockbrokers

Disputes frequently arise between investors and their securities brokers.  It is best to be proactive if you believe your broker has mismanaged your investments.  As an investor, you may report any issues or disputes to your broker’s manager or the brokerage firm’s compliance department.  You should keep notes of all telephone calls with your broker […]

Mark Krudys Recognized by Super Lawyers Business Ed.

Mark J. Krudys has been recognized by Super Lawyers Business Edition 2013 as a top attorney in commercial litigation.  According to its publisher, the Business Edition “features the top attorneys in commercial practices across the nation and in London.”  Each attorney featured in this Super Lawyers publication “exhibits excellence in the practice of law and has been […]

Fighting Back Against Debt-Collectors and Telemarketers

In 1991 Congress passed the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), in an attempt to end unwanted prerecorded telemarketing messages and unwanted calls to cell phones. Although it was enacted more than 20 years ago, the Wall Street Journal recently reported that the number of claims for violations of the TCPA that are filed in, or transferred to, […]

Some Financial Advisors Prey on Veterans

According to the Wall Street Journal, veterans who hire financial advisors to assist them in receiving military benefits are at risk for abuse.  These financial advisors are accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Office of General Counsel.  Attorneys, veteran service organization employees, financial planners and others are all eligible to apply for such a […]

Firing Shots Into the Crowd

On the morning of Friday, August 24, 2012, visitors to the Empire State Building were lining up to ascend the famous structure.  The area was crowded, as usual, with tourists and office workers.   There was nothing out of the ordinary until police began firing shots into the crowd.  A total of 16 shots were fired. […]

Securities /Brokerage Firm Litigation News

Our Securities/Brokerage Firm litigation team, led by Mark Krudys, achieved several recent victories on behalf of our clients in front of the Financial Industry Regulation Authority (FINRA) Panel.  In March 2013, our securities team obtained a $300,000 award from FINRA on behalf of a former executive of Anderson & Strudwick, a former Richmond brokerage firm, against five guarantors of a […]

Large Estate May Pass to New York State

“He was a very smart man but he died like an idiot,” is the frank and harsh assessment made by Paul Skurka concerning his friend and fellow Holocaust survivor, Roman Blum, who died last year at the age of 97 without a will. Blum had no known heirs and no surviving members. Blum’s estate is […]