My Approach

I work very hard. Co-counsel in cases have commented how hard I work and how meticulous I am in my approach. See their comments here. I think that my approach to cases is borne of a few things. First, I really enjoy being a trial lawyer. I like what I do, even spending hours over the kitchen table over the weekend preparing for an important cross-examination. Liking what you do makes the work easier.

Second, my parents instilled in me a great work ethic. They did so not by encouraging me to work more, but through my awareness of the sacrifices that they had made for me and my brothers and sisters. I was not going to let them down in school and that work ethic has carried over into my law practice.

Third, I understand the importance of the matters that my clients have entrusted to me. I know that the hope and expectation of my clients is that if I have a hearing on Monday morning I would have prepared long and hard over the weekend for the hearing.   I do. See comments of past clients here. Finally, I have passion for my clients’ legal circumstances. It is personal to me. I don’t think that you can really give it your all if it is not. I carefully screen matters. I only take matters that I believe in and then prosecute those cases in an ethical and vigorous manner.